Power Manager Device

This device can control any electrodomestic on and off

Controlling device from desktop PC
Controlling device from a mobile phone.


3D Game Engine

Silverbaloon 3D Engine created by Argenis Bilbao written in C++ using the OpenGL API, adapted by Raydelto Hern√°ndez to manage camera zoom in and out, adapted to ITLA's graphical environment (background, and floor texture) and added the jump functionality to md2 models

Click here to watch demo
Click here to download running demo



Online classroom written in Java with a free license.

We have received two awards because of this project:

First place at Top 2008 Sun Microsystems Student Projects 2008

Gold medal at Proyecto Multimedia Contest 2009



User Agent written in java, its goal is to be a multiplatform softphone for protocols H323 and SIP.


SRT Synch

This is a crossplatform tool for syncrhonizing SRT movie subtitle files, written in Java.

Source code at GitHub | Binary Jar File


This is a crossplatform peer to peer chat tool. Written in Java.

Port Redirector

This is a crossplatform port redirection tool.

Let say that you want to open a port in your local PC but your system administrator decided only to allow you to open a few ports. With this tool you could redirect any local port to a desired port number.

Bin jar file | Source code

SECC (Concentration Evaluator System)

SECC is an application that I have created in order to support a research that i've been developing since august 2008.

The main goal of this research is to develop a mecanism to evaluate the capacity that an individual has to focus.

The objective is to provide a tool to determine in short time which individual have adequate condition to perform tasks that require high concentration (like computer programming).